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Hazardous Area Purge Panels/Enclosures

Class --Hazardous Material in Surrounding Atmosphere

Class - I

Hazardous because flammable gases or vapors are present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures.

Class - II

Hazardous because combustible or conductive dusts are present.

Class - III

Hazardous because ignitable fibers or flyings are present, but not likely to be in suspension in sufficient quantities to produce ignitable mixtures. Typical wood chips, cotton, flax and nylon. Group classifications are not applied to this class.


Division -----Presence of Hazardous Material

Division 1

The substance referred to by class is present during normal conditions.

Division 2

The substance referred to by class is present only in abnormal conditions, such as a container failure or system breakdown.


Zones ---The zone defines the probability of hazardous material being present in an ignitable concentration in the surrounding atmosphere.

Zone 0

Area in which an explosive gas-air mixture is continuously present or present for long periods.

Zone 1

Combustible or conductive dusts are present. Area in which an explosive gas-air mixture is likely to occur for short periods in normal operation.

Zone 2

Area in which an explosive gas-air mixture is not likely to occur, and if it occurs it will only exist for a very short time due to an abnormal condition.

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